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Lewis Black

D.O.B. 1948-08-30 | Comedian | Author | Actor | Playwright
Best known for:
  • Back in Black on The Daily Show
  • The Carnegie Hall Performance
  • Lewis Black's Root of All Evil


He Signed My Shirt

Louis Black is very cool! I went to one of his shows and just hung around out in the lobby after.

About 15 minutes later he comes out and starts signing things for people, taking pictures, and even recorded a voice mail greeting for some guy.
The whole time he was just so nice and friendly. I did't have anything with me for him to sign, so he signed my shirt!

I Met Lewis Black Once.

I met Lewis Black once. He was seriously the nicest man I've ever met.

He's A Very Cool Guy

I met Louis Black in Iowa City when he was doing a show at the college. He's not nearly like his stand up. He's a very cool guy. I was a little drunk, and without making an ass of myself, I walked over and told him I enjoyed his stand up and the movie "Accepted" to this he shook my hand and asked me if I saw his show. I told him I had not because I didn't go to the college.
He handed me 2 tickets and said "come see the show".
He's actually the most famous person I've ever spoken to. VERY COOL

Cool, Cool Guy.

Went to see Louis Black at a signin for his book in DC with my friends. They all got autographs and thought it would be funny to slip him one of my wallet sized senior photos with my phone number on the back.

A couple months later when he came back to town he called me and personally offered us tickets to his show. Cool, cool guy.