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Jimmy Fallon

D.O.B. 1974-09-19 | Actor | Comedian | Musician | Singer | TV Host
Best known for:
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


Nicest Person Ever.

So, I went to a taping of Late Night in July of this year. I am a HUGE fan of Jimmy and I was very excited about this. The show was amazing, and Jimmy is so hilarious and charming (and very good looking too).

After the show ends, Jimmy says his goodbyes to the camera, and runs through the audience for high fives. I had brought my Thank You Notes book for him to sign, and luckily I got an aisle seat, so I could reach him easily.

He finally got to me and I shakily held out the book and the sharpie for him. He smiled and signed it, making eye contact with me and saying "Thank you!" with the sweetest smile on his face. I was about to DIE. He proceeded to high five and hug fans, and even asked to borrow my pen again so he could sign someone's t-shirt. Then with a wave to everyone, he disappeared into the stage door.

I thought that was it. My family and I exited the studio, but I wanted to hang around outside 30 Rock just in case I could catch Jimmy leaving. After waiting for only about 20 minutes, I spotted Jimmy inside the lobby through the revolving doors, taking pictures with fans. I FREAKED out and quickly handed my phone to my sister so she could take a picture. Then, Jimmy came out of the doors, and he immediately came over to me. I said, "Jimmy, can I please take a picture with you?" He smiled and held his hands out, saying "Of course!"

He quickly put his arm around me and pulled me close, and I wrapped my arm around him. He was so much taller than me! My sister took the picture of us with my phone. He walked over to my family with me after my mom said "Jimmy, we were at the show!" He smiled and seemed really excited to be talking to us. He said, "Did you guys like it?" And shook my mom's hand, my sister's hand, and even my grandma's hand haha. We told him we loved it.

"Come back, you guys have to come back and see us again!" He said, looking at me and smiling. I couldn't even believe this was happening. So we agreed and he said goodbye, putting his hands on my shoulders as he started to walk to his car, which had been waiting for him. "Thanks guys, bye!" He called to us and waved before he left.

He was definitely the nicest person I had ever met. Meeting him made me love him even more and I really hope I'm lucky enough to get the chance to meet him again. Thanks, Jimmy, for being so unbelievably nice!

Was With Sienna Miller

They filmed Factory Girl in my home town. I saw him in a restaurant with Sienna Miller (who is very tiny).

He couldn't have been a nicer person and in the middle of meeting him Heath Ledger called him.
He answered the phone "eath, I wish I could quit you."

Probably The Most Non-conceited Celebrity I've Ever Met

About a year ago I went to go see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. After the show my friend Dan and I waited to get picked up by our other friend. As we were waiting in the lobby of Rockefeller Plaza Dan goes "Dude look it's Jimmy Fallon!" I'm browsing the web on my phone at the time and am not really paying much attention to him because I think he's lying. So he walks away from me.

10 seconds later I look up, turn around, and see Dan talking to Jimmy. My jaw jobs and I slowly walk over to them. Jimmy puts his briefcases down. He stops talking to my friend, looks at me and goes "Hi I'm Jimmy!" and shakes my hand.
Then starts talking to us about I don't even remember what but it was as if we knew him and he knew us. Dan asks for a picture and he says sure and I take the pic and even though I wanted a pic too I didn't wanna be 'that' guy. But then Jimmy goes "You want a picture too?" I said "Yea sure!" Pic was taken, we say how great his shows were, Jimmy grabs his stuff, and goes "Thanks guys. Come back again and keep watching the show!" and leaves.

He's probably the most non-conceited celebrity I've ever met. Really nice guy.

At A Shitty Dive Bar In NYC

I ran into jimmy fallon at a shitty dive bar in NYC, he was playing beer pong. the place was "whiskey river" i think its on the corner of 2nd ave and 32nd street.
he ran the table and i remember thinking if this acting thing doesnt work out hes got some skills to fall back on. i was drunk

Talked To Us For A Little While

Jimmy Fallon came to my old job (amusement park) one time and was nice enough to walk around with a few of us and talk for a little while.

He was an incredibly nice, funny and generally affable guy.

I Worked As A P.A....

I worked as a P.A. on his show when it was in Indy for the Super Bowl. I was blown away by how nice he was to everyone that he came in contact with.

Always had a smile on his face. The Roots were the same way.