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Julio Lugo

D.O.B. 1975-11-16 | Baseball
Best known for:
  • Infielder
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Red Sox


"Enjoy The Game"

I went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game when I was 8 years old so we went early to see batting practice. My sister and I were out leaning over the wall trying to catch a ball and one landed just short of my glove.

Julio Lugo ran over and tossed the ball up to me. While the ball was in the air this huge man knocks me over trying to catch the ball and knocks it back onto the field.

The player runs over and starts screaming at the guy in a combination of English and Spanish and actually got the guy thrown out of the park. Then he had me lean over the wall and he jumped up and placed the ball in my glove. And told me to enjoy the game.