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Kiefer Sutherland

D.O.B. 1966-12-21 | Actor | Director | Producer
Best known for:
  • Jack Bauer in 24
  • Stand By Me
  • The Sentinel


Kiefer Sutherland Racial Profiled Friend's Dad

Not my own story, but a friend's dad once met Kiefer Sutherland. First off, he is about 5 feet short. Second, my friend's dad is Mexican and was dressed nice for dinner. Kiefer (not Mr. Sutherland anymore) walked up to my friend's dad and handed him car keys and said "It's the silver (car) over there" and pointed to his car.

Friend's dad said "Ah, thank you sir!", turned around, and threw the car keys as far as he could, gathered the family and walked off without looking back.

Good Reason Not To High-five Me

He refused to high-five me in the bar one night when I met him. I was however highly intoxicated and he had his arms around two fairly attractive women which is reason enough to not high-five.

Gave Me His Seat

Asked Keifer Sutherland for his seat without realizing it was him at first. I only saw him from behind and not his face. He let me have it and I got a photo with him. Nice guy. Found out afterwards he was drunk out of his mind due to drinking an entire bottle of gin by himself. Still a nice guy.

"You Need To Learn How To Shut The Fuck Up".

That guy is an ass hole. I used to work at a casino that would get different kinds of celebrities coming in. From Daman Waynes to Tito Ortiz. From Paul Rodriguez to Jenna Jameson. I remember we had Kiefer Sutherland come in and do a little gambling in the high limit room. He was there because he was shooting for the 7th season of 24. He came by the cashier window where I worked at and the only time I said anything to him was "How is your day so far Mr. Suthlerland" and "How would you like your money". The whole time he kept quiet. Did not say a word. Until he grabbed his money and I told him "Have a good day Mr. Sutherland". That's when he looked at me and literally said "You need to learn how to shut the fuck up".