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Marilyn Manson

D.O.B. 1969-01-05 | Singer | Musician | Artist
Best known for:
  • Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) (Album)
  • The High End of Low (Album)
  • Portrait of an American Family (Album)


Met Him Backstage At Some Concert (no Make Up Or Leather).

Met him backstage at some concert (no make up or leather). He was one of the most well-spoke and intelligent people I've ever met. We were talking about music, movies and politics. I totally forgot about the concert and just enjoyed the conversation.

I told him I wasn't really a fan of his music, and he just laughed and appreciated the honesty. Then he started to take the piss out of his fans (little gothlings in makeup).
Real cool cat.

This Didn't Happen To Me But To My Brother In Law.

He was on an elevator at hotel in las vegas and onto the elevator walks fucking Marilyn Manson and his bodyguard. My brother in law at the time KNEW I loved Manson, and he leans over to him and asks hi very politely. "Mr. Manson, my brother in law loves your music, would you please sign an autograph?" Manson ignores him.

So my brother in law, being the intelligent person he is goes to tap Manson on the shoulder and the bodyguard grabs my brother in laws hand and twists it. However, my brother in law was a wrestler, so he's able to reverse he situation and put the guard in a headlock while manson is cowering in the corner.

He winds up forcing manson to sign the autograph and then rips it up in front of him before walking out.

This Was 2000.

My brother had cancer and got the chance to meet him. He brought my brother all sorts of memorabilia and sat and chatted to him for a few hours, playing TV games with him, playing guitar, even reading Beano comics. All in the comfort of my own home. My brother passed away 3 weeks later and was in his M.M t-shirt when he passed.

He Picked Up My Tab Along With His

I met Marilyn Manson in a quite little bar. I was sitting alone having a drink and reading a book waiting for my boyfriend to get off of work across the street. He sat down at my table and started talking to me about comic books (I was reading Sandman). I didn't realize who he was at first in normal clothes and no make-up. I thought he was just some guy that was trying to hit on me and was kinda offended that he just sat down without being asked. I was pretty snarky and then I realized who he was.We ended up having a wonderful conversation for about an hour and then he had to leave. He picked up my tab along with his and left.