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Matt Sorum

D.O.B. 1960-11-19 | Drummer | Musician
Best known for:
  • Guns N' Roses
  • Velved Revolver


Trying To Get People KICKED OUT

I went to a release party for the second Velvet Revolver album. All the guys were there and they were having a question and answer session. Well, they didn't explain to the fans that only people that were pre-selected were allowed to ask questions. People were just randomly asking questions and the guys...all but Matt Sorum were cool about it.
I remember somebody asked Scott Weiland about his wardrobe and he just laughed as he answered the question. Duff was really nice about making us wait for a shot they were trying to film, etc.
Sorum had a stick up his ass the entire night and was trying to get people KICKED OUT for asking questions. Total motherfucking asshole. Happy to meet all the ex-Guns N Roses members except him.