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Michael Jordan

D.O.B. 1963-02-17 | Basketball
Best known for:
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Washington Wizards


Elbowed Me In The Head :(

When I was about 10 I got elbowed in the head (not hard) by Michael Jordan while trying to get his autograph at a golf tournament. "Watch the elbow kid" was what he said to me. I always thought that was the coolest story to tell, but looking back on it, isn't that kind of a dick thing to say to a kid? Kid gets elbowed and is told to watch it. Meh, I'd probably do the same thing if I was trying to enjoy golf and getting swarmed for autographs all the time.

"Nice Game."

Michael Jordan watched me play basketball once. We were playing a high school game before a Bulls game during the second half and he was sitting in the front row right next to where the players exit for the locker room. As we left the court he he said, "Nice game."

Sometimes I Dream

The only time I've ever been star struck was in I saw Michael Jordan at a bar in Chapel Hill. He was standing behind the bar and was immediately mobbed in a non violent way. Basically the entire crowd gathers round to stare at him and starts singing, " Sometimes I Dream, that he is me... Like Mike, I wanna be like mike ". He just basically stood there smiling and talking to friends while somehow being nonchalant about the mob in front of him.