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Mike Myers

D.O.B. 1963-05-25 | Actor | Comedian | Screenwriter
Best known for:
  • Austin Powers
  • Shrek
  • Wayne's World
  • Saturday Night Live


An Insufferable Ass

I worked IT at a major movie studio for a while, and Mike Myers is a douchebag of great renown in Hollywood. After I left, one of my coworkers basically became the in-house PC tech for the film of "The Cat in the Hat". He used to bitch all the time about Myers being an insufferable ass.

Not What I Expected At All

I had a friend from out of state swinging through town and we met in NYC for lunch and a couple of drinks.
We are eating at the bar and I see further down that Mike Myers (Snl, Austin Powers, etc) is at the other end of the bar watching a soccer game on the television and drinking a beer.

I had never encountered a celebrity before, and didn't want to be some obtrusive asshole. But prior to paying our tab I walked over and said "hey Mike, I'm a big fan, can I buy you a beer?" And without even turning to look at me he says " I can afford my own drinks asshole, save your money for my next movie".

I stood there speechless for a second and embarassedly turned back to my spot at the bar, we paid our tab and split without saying a word. I really felt like a dick head, haha.

What Are You Doing Here?

My then-9 year old son found Myers shopping at the Kihei Foodland back in '01, and asked "What are you doing here?". By the time I turned the corner into their aisle, he smiled and said "I'm visiting; what are you doing here?" Mike's then-wife stuck to the shopping, stone-faced.