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Owen Wilson

D.O.B. 1968-11-18 | Actor | Screenwriter | Producer
Best known for:
  • The Haunting
  • The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Zoolander
  • Meet The Parents
  • Wedding Crashers



I am living in New York and once I went with my mum to a coffee shop I saw Owen there.. I was sooo happy and dancing with joy!!
Owen called me and hugged me then gave me his autograph.. of course I was soooooo happy. I'll never forget it!!

And You'll Wait Your Turn

To the OP, I once met Owen Wilson in St Andrews (he was taking part in the dunhill golf tournament). I was with my 6ft 8 rugby playing friend waiting for the loo when Owen tried to push past us rather rudely. My oversized friend picked him up and put him back in line. Owen responded with 'I'm owen wilson', and my friend responded 'and you'll wait your turn. He waited. Haha.
He's a dick.

Riding A Bike On The Sidewalk

Owen Wilson nearly mowed me down in New York. He was riding a bike on the sidewalk on a major street (I think 2nd Ave but it was like 5+ years ago), trailed by a bunch of burly security dudes. Didn't even see me - I had to jump out of the way. People who ride their bikes on the sidewalk in a major city are dicks.

I Caught Him Using The Women's Restroom

I met Owen at a bar in Italy while he was filming the Life Aquatic. Dude was perfectly nice. I did catch him using the women's restroom and he told me to not tell anyone. To be fair, the men's room was so small you had to step over the toilet.

We Talked For About 15 Minutes!

When I was 10-11 my mom and dad went to the superbowl. They sat in the VIP section and they turned around and Owen Wilson was sitting behind them. They ended up drinking and hanging out with him and just before halftime they called me and handed Owen the phone. We talked for about 15 minutes. He was a nice guy.

In Downtown Vancouver

one of my friend's moms banged Owen Wilson at after hooking up at a coffee bar in downtown Vancouver.

He left my friend a signed head-shot saying "Thanks".