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Patrick Stewart

D.O.B. 1940-07-13 | Actor
Best known for:
  • Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men
  • Avery Bullock in American Dad


At My Uni

My uni has a lot of open hall space so they rent it out regularly to theatre productions for rehersals and such. One time my friends and I were sitting around in the canteen and Patrick Stewart comes in.

I think its cool, but I dont really want to bother him. My friend though goes up to him goes, "Mr Stewart, I just wanted to say I'm a really huge fan of your work". And Patrick Stewart just shoots him this stone cold fucking glare and goes "which work?"

So my friend starts talking about how he saywthe one man production of A Christmas Carol he did and a bunch of Shakespeare act and Stewart laughs and apologises for being testy. Its not a big deal but I have a bunch of sympathy for him imagining what it must be like to be mobbed by Star Trek fans every day of the week.

Not My Story, But A Friend's...

Not my story, but a friend's...
She was working late at a costume design work room at college. Late at night, all alone she is working on a project and the doors are suddenly thrown open by freaking Patrick Stewart. He hurries over to her and asks, "You there, who are you and what are you doing?" They talked for a few minutes before he excused himself to return to his exploring of the facilities.
Apparently the Royal Shakespeare Company was in town to do a show, and were at the university to meet the student actors. He had run off after the meeting to explore.


My ex-gf is an actress and a few years ago was in some production at the Stratford Festival (in Canada). She ended up meeting Patrick Steward when he randomly came to her theater company's rehearsal and just literally sat around with them for about an hour and told them stories about his life/career. She described it as him "holding court" :). Apparently all the members of her company were totally enchanted by him.