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Pauly Shore

D.O.B. 1968-02-01 | Actor | Comedian
Best known for:
  • Pauly Shore Is Dead
  • Jury Duty
  • Bio-Dome
  • Son In Law
  • In The Army Now


It Was Weird.

He wasn't a douche but this was still pretty weird.

My buddies and I were going into the Tower Records in Hollywood in the early 2000s and just as we were entering, a nondescript fellow and lady were exiting.

We passed each other and when they were about ten yards behind us, the guy said "Hey guys! What's up?".

We turn around and sure enough, it's Pauly Shore.

We stare at each other for a second and then my friend says "Oh shit it's Pauly Shore! What's up dude?".

At this point, Pauly grabs the girl by the hand and just takes off running.
Then I bought a Dream Theater album. It was weird.


Ha, I saw Pauley Shore driving in LA. At a stoplight I pulled my car up alongside a bright green, glitter-painted Cadillac convertible with the top down which was blasting horrible, super-loud and bad ska music. The driver had a curly jew-fro perm type thing, and was wearing a blue camouflage bandanna and huge white sunglasses. As I rolled up I actually said out loud, "Who is THIS douchebag?" and then, "OHMIGOD PAULEY SHORE!"

One Time I Felt Someone Grab My Earlobes

One time I felt someone grab my earlobes from behind at a bar. I turned around and the guy yelled "NIIICE HAIRCUT BRO".
That's how I met Pauly Shore. He invited me and a friend to go to a strip club. We agreed. We got there and realized we didn't have any cash. Decided to go look for an ATM. Finally said fuck it and went home.

He Was Chill.

Sat next to Pauly Shore on a flight. He was chill. I didn't want to bug him as I'm sure he gets enough but he started asking me questions. Where ya from? What do you do?
He actually seemed interested in what I had to say. So we chatted off and on for a couple hours. I grabbed a pic with him at the end of the flight.
And, off the weasel went.

I Was Working In A Grocery Store And He Came In

I met Pauley Shore. I was working in a grocery store and he came in with an entourage of people like half his age, this was like two years ago. I ran into him a couple of times that night and he kept calling me little child for some reason and his entourage would laugh when he did.
Pissed me off because I know he was making fun of me, probably because I'm short, despite that fact that as Pauley Shore he has no right to make fun of anyone, ever.


I saw him give a stand-up concert in the late 90s. Struck me as unprofessional because he stopped the show and called some guy in his entourage over and just kind of talked to him off the mic for a minute or 2...when he restarted he said he was getting things set up for the party after the show. The audience was kind of like, uh...okay then, lol.

Pauley Shore Came In The Restaurant I Worked

I was waiting tables at a nice restaurant when Pauley Shore came in and sat in my section with his entourage. I waited on him and at one point I had spilled some mustard on the table and Pauley said, "Duuude. You spilled the muuuuustard!" And yes, he was stoned off his gourd.