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Prince Philip

D.O.B. 1921-06-10 | Royalty
Best known for:
  • Duke Of Edinburgh
  • Husband of Queen Elizabeth II


'So What Do Yoooou Do?'

I sing on the Edinburgh University ceremonial choir, so we get trotted out for a ton of bullshit occasions. Anyway, he'd just done an honourary degree ceremony for a Saudi prince with five wives, and came around to do the 'meet the plebians' thing.
He went through the choir, 'So what do yoooou do?'-ing each of us, and reaches this rather well-groomed goateed tenor.
'So what do yoooou do?'
'I study Geography.'
'Reaaaally? I would have thought you studied fahshion. What with the - ' he strokes his chin. 'I hear ladies like that kind of thing.'
He then turns to the soprano standing next to this lad. 'Well? Does that turn you on?'
It was a thing of beauty.