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Rosie O'Donnell

D.O.B. 1962-03-21 | Actor | Comedian | Author | TV Personality
Best known for:
  • The View
  • The Rosie Show
  • Rosie Live!
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm


On Vacation In Florida

I was a kid, on vacation in Florida with my family. We're at some fancy restaurant and Rosie O'Donnell walks in with a huge group of people. Harriet the Spy had just come out, and she was huge on Nickelodeon, so I was really excited to meet her. My parents told me I should draw her a picture to show my appreciation - I put all my effort into what could only be described as an artistic masterpiece in the medium of crayons. I put my all of my heart into it.

So I finish, then I head over and give it to her. She says she loves it, gives me a hug, gives me an autograph. I'm beaming. I sit back down with my family and my brother is upset - he wants an autograph, too. He was too scared to go over and meet her himself.

Finally, after we're almost done eating, I help my brother work up the courage to head back over to Rosie O'Donnell's table... only to find she has already left.
Sitting on her table, crumpled up and stained with sauce and Coke, is my drawing.

50% Tip

I waited on her and she gave me a 50% tip. Apparently that's her style, she tips anyone who waits on her half of whatever the bill is. And the lady likes expensive food, so ...
Rosie was pretty nice, she was there with her wife/girlfriend, it was like waiting on any other table, except for the tip.