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Russell Brand

D.O.B. 1975-06-04 | Actor | Author | Comedian | TV Host
Best known for:
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Get Him To The Greek
  • Was married to Katy Perry (2010-2012)
  • The Russell Brand Show


I Was On Vacation In LA Staying At A Hostel..

i was on vacation in LA staying at a hostel in hollywood, and it happened to be oscar night so we went down to check it out, standing behind a fence watching people leave, all the cars pulling up and what not, to take the peep's home. Heaps of people were there screaming hello's at the celebrities, and for the hour or so i was there Russel Brand was the only one to acknowledge the fans, he actually ran over to the fence right next to where i was standing, climbed up to the top of it and handed some guy his oscars box... or whatever they give you in there. such a nice guy, really happy and smiling all the time

I Interviewed Him For My Blog

Russell Brand was an absolute peach to me. I interviewed him for my blog and he stopped mid-sentence and said, "You're beautiful you know that, right?"...and my favorite compliment from anyone, "You've got lovely cheeks!"

Really Nice!

I interned at Saturday Night Live last season, and the Valentines Day episode was hosted by Russell Brand, featuring Chris Brown. I interned for the photo department, and we were shooting the bumpers that they'd show right after the commercial breaks, before the show came back on.

Russell Brand comes over, introduces himself to everyone, including the interns (which never happens. We're supposed to stay sort of hidden), and is just absolutely the nicest man ever.

I saw Russell Brand some weeks later. He had hired someone I knew to take pictures for him in some capacity. I was delivering props to said photo shoot, and he saw me, recognized me as an intern from SNL, got my name sort of right, and shook my hand.