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Shia LaBeouf

D.O.B. 1986-06-11 | Actor
Best known for:
  • Disturbia
  • Transformers
  • Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps



Not my story, but girlfriend worked as an intern on Regis and Kelly when Transformers was coming out.

Her fellow intern had the responsibility of shadowing Shia LaBeouf in the morning, getting him coffee, showing him around, etc.

He had to follow LaDouche out back because he wanted to have a smoke, and the intern tried making small talk instead of standing around awkwardly.
Fucking even steven says to him all mega-diva style "we don't have to talk," turns his back on him, and smokes his cigarette in silence.

Paparazzi Really Messed Him Up.

I met Shia LaBeouf, I went up to him and asked him if he was Shia because my sister recognized him. He stands up tells me to get the fuck away from him and walks away.

A Bit Of A Troublemaker

I went to elementary school with Shia LaBeouff (spelling?) for a few years. We were decent friends, my mom was a teacher there too and so when I made friends my mom had a way of getting to know all the families/parents. His mom looked like a straight-out-of-Romania gypsy and she was very nice, I always liked seeing his mom. Shia was a bit of a troublemaker but all in good fun really.
Had this one teacher together, a Mrs. Robinson (no joke). She was the scariest teacher you could imagine for a 5th grader, A big black lady with one leg, excess makeup and NO sense of humor. found out later diabetes took her leg and she ended up being one of my favorite teachers. anyway, Shia is passing notes one day and one of them gets left in his desk after class. Next day teacher reads the note out loud and it contains some very disparaging remarks about our overlord instructor. It was like an execution order being read aloud, but Shia wasn't there that day. The next day he hears about all of what happened the day before and we watched him walk right into class with his head high ready to face the music. Took Balls. Shia was a good guy, always wanted to get back in touch with him to let him know how proud my family and I are of him.
This all took place at a performing arts school in Los Angeles, Talent agents cruised our school a LOT, I did a few screen tests and the likes, one with Shia if I recall, but it was Shia that got picked up for that Disney Channel show the year after my family and I left for Nor-Cal.

An Asshole

So about four years ago (I was sixteen, my sister the same age) my family was at O'hare. And we were waiting for a delayed flight and then this jackass with a suit and slick backed hair walks up and starts acting tough and talking loud, yelling about random bullshit with his friends. He quiets down and then tries looking down my sister's shirt. I see this and shout "Hey!" he then looks at me, shrugs and then walks away.

Found out on the plane it was Shia Labeouf. What an asshole.

Don't Try Anything Tricky, My Man

I have a story about Shia. He was in my town filming a movie not too long ago and we had heard people talk about meeting him so some friends and I decide to use part of our day to "Find Shia" (which was just basically walking around town screaming, "Where's Shia?!?")

After about an hour or two, we decide to hit the local shopping area and get some grub. Lo and behold, who do we see sitting on a bench with tight jeans and slicked back hair with a bluetooth head set in? Shia. Le. Beouf.

We reconvine behind where he was standing, nervous like school girls, and decide that we don't want to bother him. Instead, we are going to walk back by him and one of our friends is going to hold is phone down by his pants all casual like and try and snag a picture of him. Nobody was going to believe that our "find Shia" day actually worked out.

We commence our walk and as my friend shifts his hand a bit to take the picture, his head darts up and he says in a gruff voice, "Don't try anything tricky, my man!" Friend says, "sorry," in a quiet voice and puts his phone away.

Needless to say, "Don't try anything tricky, my man," has become a catch phrase for us.