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Spike Lee

D.O.B. 1957-03-20 | Director | Producer | Writer
Best known for:
  • Inside Man
  • Malcolm X
  • New Jersey Drive
  • Tales From The Hood


I Was Hit With A Limo Door By Spike Lee

I was hit with a limo door by Spike Lee. Walking down a small side street in the South Loop, Chicago, a limo suddenly pulls into the back entrance of a theater, right in front of me. Annoyed, I continue walking and begin walking around the limo, when the passenger door swings open and hits me lightly. I look up, pissed, and it is Spike Lee. He didn't apologize, just hurried into the theater.

No Shit, Fool

I was standing outside a bike rental place on Martha's Vineyard when I stepped backward onto to someone's foot accidentally. I turned around & apologized. Then I noticed who it was; Spike Lee. I said, "Oh wow you're Spike Lee!" to which he replied, "No shit, fool. Thanks for stepping on my god damn foot." He stormed off with his companion muttering under his breath. I didn't feel bad.