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Tim Curry

D.O.B. 1946-04-19 | Actor | Singer | Voice Actor |
Best known for:
  • Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Pennywise in It
  • Nigel Thornberry in the Wild Thornberrys


Tim Curry At Costco

My parents were at Costco buying groceries in LA when they saw Tim Curry in the checkout line. They were quietly trying to see what he was buying (to tell stories about it later,) so my dad casually walks by his cart, pretending to put back some cashews or something. He got a look in his cart, and all Tim Curry had in the cart were about a dozen boxes of frozen crab cakes. Just crab cakes, nothing else. My dad turns back around to report back to my mom, and happens to get a look at him. Tim Curry was just staring my dad down, not saying anything, just looking at him because he knew what my dad was doing and he was not in the mood. So my dad, in a panic, says loudly "I love shelfish" then awkwardly walks back to my mom at the cart. Says nothing else until they leave the store.