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Tony Gwynn

D.O.B. 1960-05-09 | Baseball
Best known for:
  • Right fielder
  • San Diego Padres


Really Nice

I was 7 years old at a Mariners vs. Padres game at Safeco field enjoying my hotdog in one hand with my glove in the other. All of a sudden, Tony Gwynn hit a home run and it was headed right for me. I put out my glove to catch it, but it rebounded and smacked me in the nose, then a wave of people descended on me one of whom accidentally kneed me in the head. I laid on the ground, crying with a bloody nose when I saw somebody kneel down in front of me and place a ball in my hand. I was seated near the away team pitchers pen only to discover that this man was one of the players who had climbed up the wall to help and yell at the people grubbing after the ball. He told me to wait in my seat at the end of the game, and sure enough Tony Gwynn ran up and motioned for me to throw the ball to him. He signed it and tossed it back, this time I caught it. I still have that ball.