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Tyrese Gibson

D.O.B. 1978-12-30 | Actor | Singer | Rapper | Model
Best known for:
  • Machine Gun Joe in Death Race
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious
  • Transformers


So, I Was Wondering If You Had, Like, Some Form Of ID Like A Drivers License Or Something

I've met Tyrese Gibson.... funny story, I was 16 (now 24) and I was on a plane going from Colorado to Pennsylvania and no one was sitting next to me in the aisle seat. My friend was sitting behind the seat next to me and I wanted to wait to see if anyone was going to sit there cause itf not I wanted her (sarah) to sit next to me!

In the distance I saw this very tall black man with a completely white yankees hat and an all white sweater jumpsuit and I told sarah he kinda looks like tyrese, she agreed. He was sitting next to the window and I overheard him asking the flight attendant if there was an aisle seat he could sit in for the extra leg room. She escorts him to the seat next to me, he asked me if anyone was sitting there, and I said no but I would like my friend to sit next to me so can you switch cause its the same seat? he said yes then I said by the way, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Tyrese (I didnt know it was him)? He laughed at me and said something like "haha yea, i wish I had the girls he gets" .... and I was like hoooooo kay haha.

So sarah sat next to me and we talked about Tyrese and his old jams and even sang some of them. Mind you we didnt know it was him. A bit into the flight, I heard him singing to himself with his head pressed to the seat in front of him, I turned around cause I heard him, it sounded good, so I told him "you're a really good singer". He looks at me and thanks me (haha). Then later he taps me on the shoulder and I turn around and he says, "you know what you said earlier" I said "yea" he said "its true"..... then I paused and turned back around slowly saying "oooookkkkk" like i didnt believe him and wasnt falling for that haha.

then I got to thinkin, if I saw some type of proof then I'd believe him, but I'm not gonna be that sucker that thinks I'm talking to someone famous when really its just someone that looks like him, so I turn around and ask him "so, I was wondering if you had, like, some form of ID like a drivers license or something" he looks at me and laughs and busts out proof of a photoshoot he took for a cover of a magazine. HAHA then i believed him. Plus he has these HUGE diamonds in his ears and this really huge diamond watch with colorful diamonds, like every color of the rainbow HAHA. he was really nice.