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Christopher McDonald

D.O.B. 1955-02-15 | Actor | Director
Best known for:
  • Requiem For A Dream
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Thelma & Louise
  • The Iron Giant



This is actually hilarious so I hope this manages to be seen.
Anyway this happened to a friend of mine, but him and a few of his buddies ran into Shooter Mcgavin from Happy Gilmore. They were obviously sayin stuff along the lines of "Dude, Shooter Mcgavin! You were awesome in that movie" etc.
He looks at them and says in a completely straight face. "Hey guys, I understand how you feel about the character I played in that movie, but to be honest I don't enjoy it when people single me out as an actor for solely that role. I've been in several great movies and to be viewed as a one movie actor upsets me." and just walks away.
My friends are obviously shocked and have no idea what to say. They watch him as he walks away and as they stare at him in disbelief, he takes a few steps, turns around and goes "SHOOOOOOTAAAAAAA" and does the hand motions and the whole thing.
They laugh and talk. His wife tells them how he loves messing around with his fans.