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Conan O'Brien

D.O.B. 1963-04-18 | TV Host | Comedian | Writer
Best known for:
  • Late Night With Conan O'Brien
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien


You Steal The Silver One

I was at the Detroit International Auto Show last year as a press cameraman for a car magazine. At one point, I was waiting for Bentley to reveal a new car (dunno what it was) and I notice that Conan O'Brien is standing next to me with his arms crossed, rather nonchallantly. No papparazi, no glam, just a guy with very notable hair hangin' out looking at some cars.

He leaned over to me a bit and whispered "I'll keep them busy, you steal the silver one. Got it?"
Funny man, that one. Freakin' tall, too.

Randomly Met Conan At The Top Of The Cliffs Of Moher.

I traveled to Ireland in March of 99 for a weekend whilst studying in London...went to Galway and my two buddies and I took a little bus tour through the countryside, ending up at the Cliffs of Moher.

While we grab a sandwich in the shop at the bottom of the outdoor stairs going up, some others from the tour went right up to the O'Brien Tower at the top. They come down a few minutes later ans say that Conan O'Brien was up there taping something

So we scarfed down our food and went up...craziest wind I've ever experienced while walking up the stairs to the top! Finally get to the top and sure enough, he has a crew up there taping something. So we hang around till he's done and then talk to him for a minute and get a picture. REALLY nice guy...said he was taping a St. Pattys Day segment where he has to go to Ireland and find his relatives. In part of the segment, he's up at that tower and you can see where we met him.

Met Him In An Airport

Twelve years ago (almost to the day), I was in Logan airport with my then 2 year old daughter... we were killing a little time waiting for our flight, so I was holding her up to the tank of live lobsters at Legal Seafood - she was entertained. Up comes none other than Conan who gives us an improv skit on why Lobsters make great pets and she should ask Santa for one for Christmas... I was already of Late Night w/Conan which was in its' infancy.
My daughter's words were something to the effect: "Lobsters are yummy, but you don't eat your your pets silly." Ahhh, holiday memories.