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Sean Penn

D.O.B. 1960-08-17 | Actor | Screenwriter | Director
Best known for:
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Milk
  • The Assassination Of Richard Nixon
  • Bad Boys


More Or A Sighting I Guess

In February two years ago I had a layover in Denver, on my way to Rapid City with my son. While waiting for the plane to arrive Sean Penn walked up to a fellow passenger and asked if this was the flight to Aspen, it wasn't and Sean Penn moved on. About 20 minutes later it was announced that the flight would be delayed so I went to get some coffee for me and some juice for my son. As we walked back I noticed Sean Penn sitting alone, I ignored him figuring he probably wouldn't appreciate the attention. My son however noticed a pole about ten feet away from him, and like any self respecting two year old decided to perform a pole dance. He twirled his heart out while I looked on amused at this absurd situation.