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Method Man (Clifford Smith)

D.O.B. 1971-03-02 | Hip Hop Artist | Rapper | Actor
Best known for:
  • Member of Wu-Tang Clan
  • The Wire
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Meet The Spartans


Nice Guy

I met him in the Florida mall and his bodyguards told me it was him when I asked. So I politely asked them if it was OK for me to ask him for an autograph and they said sure kid go for it.

I told Method Man he was cool and I liked his music and he was telling me to stay in school and congrats on graduating since that was the same day I graduated high school.

I liked meeting him and was happy he was as cool in person as I thought he would be.

Had To Interview Him

We were supposed to shoot an interview with him at a meet and greet. We got there, then he showed up, sat at the table and started signing autographs for the long line of fans. The host of our show saw the line, so he tried to tell one of his posse that we were going to go next door to get lunch and we'd be back in a few minutes when the line had died down and Method had time to do the interview.

The posse guy reacted strongly, saying stuff like "hey, back off, not right now." The host tried again to explain we were going next door until Method was ready, but the flunkie kept telling him to back off. Remember, this was a scheduled interview.

So eventually the host says, okay, fuck it, well just leave.

I hoisted up my camera and we headed out the door. Method must have heard what was going on because he came out the door behind us, talked to the host for a minute, then did the interview right then and there on the sidewalk.

I wouldn't expect him to take a half an hour to do the interview while all the fans waited, and it was cool that he saw one of his posse was being an ass and rectified it. We're just a local show after all, so that was really cool of him.


Ive met Redman and Method Man after they did their album together and they are exactly as you would imagine.

I was under 18 and I got backstage to one of their concerts. They were awesome about taking pictures and insisted on having random groupies take semi-explicit pictures with "lil nigga who snuck backstage"...then Redman got so high he passed out on the snack table.

Funny Story

I was working at the front desk in a nice hotel in Boston when I see Method Man and 5 of his "boys" walk in. Method Man is holding a roach and throws it out in the garbage and walks up to the front desk and the conversation went as follows:

MM: "I need some rooms for me and my niggas. And we each want our own bed"

Me: "Um ok since there are 6 of you that would be three rooms that each have two beds. Is that what you want?"

MM: "Word up"

Me: "Ok would you like smoking rooms or non-smoking rooms?"

MM: (He has a wide grin and looks left and right at his cronies) "Oh, we gon' be smokin'"

Me: (I check the computer and see that all of the smoking rooms are currently taken) "I'm sorry sir but all of the smoking rooms are filled. I have plenty of non-smoking rooms if you'd like to stay in those"

MM: "Hmm okay well what happens if we do smoke in those rooms, cause we gon' be smokin"

Me: "Well its an $800 fine per room sir"

MM: (Reaches into his pocket and takes out a wad of cash, counts out $2400 in crisp hundreds and slaps it on the counter) "Oh, we gon' be smokin"

I'll Just Sign Every Fucking Thing You Have

Somehow, Meth ended up crashing with my friend after a concert. I have no idea how the afterparty ended up being at this house, but it was. Sure enough Meth and his dudes party hard.The place is trashed, people crash on random furniture.

Wake up in the morning and there is some serious damage done to the house. It's awkward, but the decision is made to ask Johnny Blaze if he would help pay for the damage.

Not blinking an eye, he tells my buddy that he's got a better idea, "I'll just sign every fucking thing you have and you can sell it on EBay." So Method Man is signing every poster in the house (most of them not Wu Tang at all), random T-shirts, basically just anything that seems sellable. He leaves, the stuff gets sold on EBay and pays for repair plus a nice new television.

Thus ends the tale of partying with Method Man at a shitty house party, getting paid for damages in autographs, and how everything ended up fine in the end.

I'ma Sign Your Shit First

cool story, bro. meth is a good guy, man. i got a meth story, too.
i remember when i was in high school, right after 36 chambers came out in 1993. him, raekwon, u-god, and ins were sitting on the wall in front of bmcc downtown in manhattan signing autographs. i was from staten island and was listening to wu-tang a bit before everyone heard about them, so i was like, fuck yeah, wu-tang! but, if you're from nyc, you know bmcc, is the hood community college, and there were mad thugged-out black kids everywhere. meth was signing autographs, looks around and sees me, a little chinese kid - like 100 pounds wet. he's like, "i'ma sign your shit first so niggas don't take your bus pass..." LOL!! he wasn't being condescending about it or anything, he was just looking out. that was big for me. just a really cool dude, and very talented at that.