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Anderson Cooper

D.O.B. 1967-06-03 | TV Host | News Presenter | Journalist | Author
Best known for:
  • Anderson Cooper 360
  • Anderson



I had to mic him for a talk he was giving, and there were some delays so I sat with him and shot the shit for 15 minutes. He's a million times cooler in person than on TV, and he's fucking cool on TV.

He Looks Scared To Death In The Photo. Hilarious

I go to the college that colbert's Herman Cain rally was held. Because south Carolina is such a "contested" republican state, there were a TON of politicians and news people covering it.

So one of my friends skipped our class and made signs for the rally. Mine was an arrested development joke, my friend made a sign referencing that Anderson "the silver fox" cooper was shooting his show on campus later after the rally. His sign read "I'm here for COLBERT but my PANTIES are for ANDERSON." laughs ensue. We pose for a lot of pictures then go to work.

After, we stop by where Anderson had been filming and he was doing a meet and greet. We wait in the mob of people and somehow I get pushed to the front. Because my friend is the size of a linebacker, he wasn't able to make it to the front. So he handed me his sign and I somehow made it to that silver haired fox. The look on his face when reading the sign, then looking at me, then back at the sign was a perfect mix of what the fuck. He signed it and graciously posed for a picture after. (he looks scared to death in it. Hilarious.)