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Andre 3000 (Dre, Andre Benjamin)

D.O.B. 1975-05-27 | Rapper | Singer | Songwriter | Actor | Fashion Designer
Best known for:
  • Hey Ya (song)
  • OutKast
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Benjamin Bixby clothing line


I'm On A Boat!

So I used to work for Carnival Cruise Lines and we would get the occasional celebrity onboard.

I heard Andre was on the ship and I ended up meeting him and his family while tendering back from Grand Cayman. He is super quiet and nothing like in his music videos. Refined and polite.

His mother had asked me for some help in organizing a tour in Jamacia which lead me to their dinner table to confirm a tour one night.
It was him, his son and his mom left at the table. They invited me to sit down and we chatted briefly. His son was very mannerly and well behaved, which is a reflection of who was raising him.

Good guy, approachable but quiet.

Really Dignified And Respectful

I get to see this guy all of the time at the restaurant I work at, and I must admit that I'm smitten. He's incredibly dignified, yet highly respectful to the people he speaks to - no matter who they are - and unlike other celebrities I have to deal with, he doesn't act "entitled".

Also, he always wears the most AMAZING clothes. If he wasn't a celebrity, he would just be some awesome neighborly dude with great taste. I wish I had the balls to go beyond "small talk" with him.