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Dennis Rodman

D.O.B. 1961-05-13 | Basketball | Wrestler | Actor
Best known for:
  • Small forward/power forward
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Tijiuana Dragons


Stranger Than Fiction

My friend is a gay stripper, and has seen Rodman with his wife/girlfriend at both local gay & straight strip clubs in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

I can confirm this because he has sent me pictures of him in the club with Rodman in the club. Rodman is always wearing a bowler hat with a large feather in it, and a purplish suit.
My friend said that every time he has taken a picture with Rodman, Rodman tells him to "wait a minute so I can get a cigar going" before taking the picture. Apparently Rodman won't be photographed without a cigar.

He said he was really cool though and obviously nice enough to take photos with him and his friends. Why he's at a gay strip club with his girlfriend, I couldn't tell you.


Valentine's day night I was at the Hard Rock with some friends drinking outside a club and I saw Dennis Rodman steadily approaching to walk by. As he's about to pass by I casually say "Dennis, what's up?". He then stops, stares at everyone standing around the table, and then proceeds to do this fucked up little dance for a good 10 seconds. Then, he jogs over to the bar to get a drink.

We often see him walking around outside at like 3am every other weekend. Every time we see him we kind of want to joke around with him but we have no idea how he will really respond. He's just weird.