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Tom Hanks

D.O.B. 1956-07-09 | Actor
Best known for:
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Cast Away
  • The Green Mile
  • Woody in Toy Story
  • Big

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I Felt Like I Was Going To Piss All Over Myself From The Excitement.

I met Tom Hanks walking two big ass black labs (maybe? not a dog expert) across a bridge in a little town I won't reveal because it's probably his get away home, and our entire conversation consisted of:

Me (internally) - "OMYFUKKENGOD GET HYPE TOM HANKS!!!!!!!!!!"
Me (externally) - "Good morning!"
Him - "Hey, how's it goin?"
Me - "Pretty good, yourself?"
Him - "Just fine, thanks."

I passed him again on our respectful return routes and he just gave me the head nod. I felt like I was going to piss all over myself from the excitement.
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