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Steve Irwin

D.O.B. 1962-02-22 | Presenter | Zoologist | Television Personality
Best known for:
  • The Crocodile Hunter


In Australia In 2006

I was in Australia in 2006, best freaking trip of my life. We went to Australia Zoo, and as soon as we get in we see Steve Irwin riding a dirt motorcycle with his kid (neither wore a helmet, but I didn't think much of it). He waved hello, and that was that.

A year later, he was dead. I wore the shit out of the green "Crikey" rubber bracelet I bought in that zoo in 2006 in his honor.

Waving His Arms Around Like A Madman.

In 2001 I went to Australia, we visited Steve Irwin's zoo, we were just about to get in the car when we saw a big green Jeep pull in, Steve hanging out the side, waving his arms around like a madman.

He jumps straight out and greets me with a high five and stands talking to my dad for about 10 minutes, in this time I got to sit in his Jeep which contained WAY to many animal trinkets for my liking aswell as all his cameras for his show and what not, he was such a laid back guy, one of the nicest people I met that holiday.

Didn't deserve it at all.