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Jamie Lee Curtis

D.O.B. 1958-11-22 | Actress | Author
Best known for:
  • Prom Night
  • Halloween
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua


With Christopher Guest

I saw Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest eating lunch at a nice-ish Mexican restaurant once. I just kept staring at her and saying to my friend, "Is that Jamie Lee Curtis? Tha's Jamie Lee Curtis." She glanced over and half-smiled at one point, clearly aware that I was gawking, but I just couldn't stop.

My Friend Acted Like A Creep...

I saw Jaime Lee Curtis at a Farmer's Market in San Francisco. My friend was just awestruck and kept staring at her while JLC was looking at the lettuce. I kept telling my friend to go over there and say hello or at the very least stop just staring at the woman. My friend would not stop staring and when JLC moved along my friend shadowed her (with the lettuce bin between them) and JLC dropped the lettuce and stormed away. I called my friend an idiot and said she ruined any chance that Jaime Lee Curtis had at a nice salad that day and that I hope she was happy.

TL;DR:::My friend acted like a creep and denied Jaime Lee Curtis the joy of a nice salad.