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R. Kelly

D.O.B. 1967-01-08 | Rapper | Singer | Songwriter
Best known for:
  • Bump n' Grind (Single)
  • Your Body's Callin' (Single)
  • I Believe I Can Fly (Single)
  • If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time (Single)


R. Kelly Showed Up With His Entourage

I used to work at a movie theater. One night R. Kelly showed up with his entourage. I can't recall what movie they went to see but my manager made sure it was a private showing. News spread pretty fast and before we knew it there were at least 100 people from the area waiting to see R. Kelly. We had to tell every one of them they'd have to wait until the movie was over.
Some of them actually wanted to barge into the auditorium, interrupting the movie to get an autograph. Many of them got so pissed off that we almost had to call the police.

I left for the night before the movie finished, but one of my managers who had stayed and watched the movie with them told me that at some point during the movie R. Kelly let out a really loud fart that was so bad they almost had to leave the auditorium. That is sadly my only encounter with a celebrity.