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Robert Parish

D.O.B. 1953-08-30 | Basketball Player
Best known for:
  • Basketball Center for Golden State Warriors
  • Boston Celtics
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Chicago Bulls


When I Was A Toddler

This is a story I've been told my whole life but have no memory of. When I was a toddler my parents took me to Boston to visit my dad's family. We were at Logan Airport and I didn't want to ride in my stroller I wanted to push it around instead. It was early in the summer and right in the middle of a Celtic's playoff run. Apparently I took off at a sprint through the terminal using the stroller as a battering ram. Before my parents could stop me I hit what must have felt like a wall, which happened to be the leg of Celtic's star Robert Parish.

My dad (a huge fan) was terrified because Parish had ankle and knee issues that season. He went over to claim me not knowing if his spawn had jeopardized the chance for another Celtics title.
Mr Parish was fine and very amicable. He picked me up because I was crying and handed me over to my mortified father. They made small talk for a minute, he asked me what my name was, I told him and he complimented it. A few years later he had a son and we share a name.