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Macaulay Culkin

D.O.B. 1980-08-26 | Actor | Singer
Best known for:
  • Home Alone
  • My Girl
  • The Pagemaster
  • Party Monster


I Guess It's Well Known He Is A Dick

When I was in high school Mandy Moore filmed a movie at my school...She took a break from shooting to come and sign autographs for me and my friends. She asked my name and remembered it a few minutes later when she needed to borrow my pen. 15 year old me was PUMPED.

Macaulay Culkin was in the movie too but he was a dick. When we would ask to meet him he would walk around talking on his cell phone like he was too famous to come say hey to a couple kids, he also thrusted his crotch at my friends when they said he was sexy...but I guess it's well known he is a dick

As A Kid Haha

When i was in the fifth grade, they filmed the movie "The Good Son" in my city.

They filmed it at a very popular public park, built the house in the movie there (and left it there for the park after), and camped all their trailers in the park as well. It just so happened this was the best park to go tubing / sledding at.

So we were out there every single day / night of winter vacation tubing and sledding, and the talk at school prior was trying to meet Macaulay Culkin because he was the biggest star on the planet to us at the time (a few years removed from Home Alone). When they wrapped shooting every night, we'd stand by the trailers and yell for him to come and play with us in the snow and dick around.

He never came. As it turned out, Macaulay Culkin was sort of a dick. Wouldnt sign autographs, never left his trailer, just was not what we thought a kid should be. His double in the movie? Fucking awesome. Hung out with us every night. Went sledding with us, was just a really cool kid.

The last night they were shooting, he told us his friend that was working on the movie with him wanted to come out and sled with us every night, but was shy and didnt want to just come out by himself. Macaulay's double then asked if it would be ok if he came out tonight and hung out with us. Of course it was so he went and go his friend.

His friend on the movie was Elijah Wood.

Was as if he had never seen snow before. Snowboarded, tubed, and sled with us all night until our parents dragged us back home . Signed my little kid plastic snowboard. It was the last night of vacation, and we were left with a great story to tell when we got back.

Met Him

I met him when he was older and he seem like a decent enough guy who's had a strange life.