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Whitney Houston

D.O.B. 1963-08-09 | Singer | Actor
Best known for:
  • I Will Always Love You (Single)
  • The Bodyguard
  • My Love Is Your Love (Album)


Cracked Out & Nodding

I bar tended at a family restaurant in Atlanta years ago.

Bobby Brown and Whitney came in often. Bobby Christina was a little girl then, she was always well behaved and nice. Sometimes she would have a few of her little friends in there dining with WH and BB.

Anyway, Whitney would order drinks, slurp them down quickly, then go out to her car and stay there for long periods of time then come back and just sit there, then leave again.
She was in and out all the time and never ate.

Bobby Brown and their daughter/& friends were always pleasant and Bobby always tipped well.

WH wasn't overly rude to the staff, she just ignored them and was slumped in the booth when she was in fact inside the establishment.

She was just fucking weird and stoned all the time.

On A Flight

Back in 2004ish, I was on a flight from Newark to ATL. It was a late flight (like 10 pm) and I had an aisle seat about 15 rows from first class. After most of the passengers were seated, I hear a loud voice from the front of the plane announce, "Why yes, IT IS ME, I AM BOBBY BROWN." I peek my head out into the aisle, and yes, there is Bobby Brown, smiling like a crazy person with Whitney already sitting down.

Keep in mind that this is around the time on their crazy reality show and errrrrbody was so worried for Whitney. When we land, I end up in the same car as Whitney and Bobby on the tram to baggage claim. They had a little girl with them, who I assumed was their daughter and looked about 12. Whitney seemed quite high (in the bad upper way) and was super hyper. She screamed at the poor girl over and over again and made everyone quite uncomfortable. Bobby was trying to make conversation with the rest of the passengers, but everyone was too shocked, tired, and upset to really respond.

Oh, and when we got to baggage claim, Bobby Brown hopped on the baggage carousel and jogged a lap on top of it.