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Hillary Clinton

D.O.B. 1947-10-26 | Politician
Best known for:
  • United States Secretary of State
  • United States Senator for New York
  • First Lady of the United States

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Hillary Clinton Is A Pretty Cool Lady.

A friend of mine lives in Westchester, NY and around Christmas time ran into a boutique to get a dress for a party. She steps out of the changing room to look at herself in the mirror and a woman behind her says says "wow that looks beautiful on you!".
She turns around, it's Hillary Clinton. And she's waiting outside of the changing room for Chelsea.

Another fun story starring Hil. A different friend was chosen to sing at some fundraising event back when she was a senator, and before she announced her run for president. She finishes, and as she's walking around Mrs. Clinton pushes through the crowd to tell her how great she was, how beautiful her voice is and that maybe she could sing at her inauguration. Bare in mind, this was before she officially announced. A little presumptuous in hindsight but hell, who could have predicted Barack?
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