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Andy Dick

D.O.B. 1965-12-21 | Comedian | Actor | Musician | Producer
Best known for:
  • The Andy Dick Show
  • The Cable Guy
  • Zoolander
  • NewsRadio
  • tosh.o


Almost Got Molested

I was at a bar in downtown Austin, TX. All of a sudden, Andy Dick was there and I was talking to him about God knows what. For some reason I thought he had cocaine and thought we were about to go do a line in the bathroom. Because who doesn't wanna say they did cocaine w/ a celebrity?

So anyway, next thing I know Andy Dick is reaching down my pants trying to grab my dick. I make a break for the door and he tries to pull me back by my arm. His body guard says, "Now Andy, no pulling." He then lets me go and go back to my friends. And that's the day I almost got molested by Andy Dick. Also, it's the day I stopped making rape jokes.


On my 28th birthday, I went to LA to visit my sister. Her and her friends take me out to a club in Hollywood. A few drinks later my sister says to me, "Oh shit, there is Andy Dick. Be my body guard will ya?" I say "sure?" (I'm a 6'5" 240lbs guy and fit the part) She goes over and starts chatting him up.

She calls me over a minute later and we all start BSing, while Andy is trying to despairingly hit on my sister, groping her etc. I step in in a joking manner and he starts hamming me up. Then out of nowhere he gets REAL close, LICKS MY NECK from bottom to top and says "You know I'm Bi, right? I was both mortified and shocked. But it WAS Andy Dick so I laugh it off and tell him he is barking up the wrong tree... He then proceeds to buy me 2 doubles of Jagermeister wishes me a Happy Birthday and disappeared into the crowd.

Now whenever I see him on TV, I cant help but laugh (especially when I see re-runs of Sober House)