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Emma Watson

D.O.B. 1990-04-15 | Actor | Model
Best known for:
  • Harry Potter
  • The Tale of Despereaux
  • My Week With Marilyn


Complained About Everything

Sadly I can confirm that Emma Watson is in fact a bitch.

My cousin works for British Airlines in a pretty big city. She came in to his airport and being the nerd that he is went to see her walk out. She was a total stuck up bitch, complaining about everything.

I Took The SATs With Her.

I took the SATs with her.
She talked to everyone like she was just one of us, she was really cool and funny. I also saw her on the tube one time, she smiled at me because she recognized me from the SAT thing but she looked really tired/hungover and sort of rolled her eyes when people pointed at her

Spoiled Little Bitch

Not me, but one of my friend's co-workers at Universal met Emma Watson. She wanted to get on the Shrek ride alone, so he asked his manager about it.

The manager said no and that she could either sneak in/out when it was dark so people didn't notice her, since running the ride for one person while making the group that waited for 45mins wait again wasn't fair.

Apparently Ms. Watson completely lost her shit on the co-worker telling him "a plebeian like you doesn't understand what it's like to be this famous" along with some other insults.

He replied with "Look, there's nothing else I can do, either sneak in and out or don't go on...and don't insult me with words from 1504 that you think I don't know."

Apparently every other cast member that was there that day (if I remember it was Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, and the twins) went on that ride without causing a scene.

I Was 13 At The Time.

So basically, my father (currently unemployed- not really related) manages hotels. I move around alot and therefore I usually live in the hotel itself, and after years of hard work and experience my dad landed some nice 5 star extreme luxury hotel jobs.

The particular hotel was in tenerife. As I moved at the end of the school year I spent the summer in the pool etc. eventually getting bored as you do, which led me to places such as reddit and 4chan where I learnt of the Emma Watson obsession.

So one day I'm in the buffet at night, before I head to a party, and there I am scooping my spuds and veg, and Emma Fucking Watson walks into the line behind me. Stuck for words I turned around and said "Sorry if this sounds weird, but are you Emma Watson?" She told me she was and that it wasn't weird at all.
Then I said, possibly the worst possible thing one could say. "You look much better than you do on your pictures on the internet, people seem to like you on 4chan" I smiled. She didn't. She knew.

I had no idea what to fucking say, considering I was just standing there with a plate full of food staring at her