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Taylor Swift

D.O.B. 1989-12-13 | Singer | Songwriter | Actress
Best known for:
  • Our Song (Single)
  • Love Story (Single)
  • The Lorax



I went to Jr high/high school with Taylor.

She was rich and snobby and had several friends so I don't know where she gets this "outcast" crap from. She always seemed to think she was better than everyone else.

Your Average Hendersonville Rich Girl.

I went to high school with Taylor. She was one of the more popular girls, with money obviously, and I was an introverted art kid.

I wore the same pair of chucks everyday, which were dirty, torn and paint splettered. She and her best friend, would say loudly in class, "nice shoes!", look at each other and burst out laughing. Definitely not the image she now tries to portray.

I Used To Go To...

I used to go to school with Taylor. I wasn't really friends with her, I just knew of her.

She wasn't really a bad person or anything, but like a lot of girls in high school she was quite preppy and obnoxious. She just wasn't the "sweet innocent girl" that people make her out to be. Maybe she changed now, but that I am not sure of.

High School

I have heard of MANY people from Hendersonville High School (Taylor Swift's old High School) that she was a total rich brat and she only had one friend through out all of high school.

No one liked her because of her attitude and I still hear today that she has not changed one bit...


My best friend and I were shopping one day around the St. Louis area, and Taylor walks into the store. My jaw dropped.

I tried to be chill but she knew we were both freaking out. She said "Hey, I'm Taylor! What's your names?" we told her.

We ended up talking for a few minutes. I told her I'm a huge fan of her music, and I also love singing. She told me not to give up on my dreams and as she walked out of the store she gave us the peace sign. I love her.

I Did Musicals With Her

Not a crazy story, but I performed in children's theater with Taylor Swift before her family moved to Nashville. I did a bunch of musicals with her, even playing her boyfriend in Bye Bye Birdie.

A couple of the cast parties after the shows wrapped were at her house. Huge house in a rich neighborhood. The entire third floor of the house was her territory, including a big game room with bumper pool, foosball, and some other games I can't remember.

I was awestruck at the size of the house and the fact that she had an entire floor of the house to herself at age 11.