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D.O.B. 1979-09-08 | Singer | Songwriter | Actor | Musician
Best known for:
  • Get the Party Started (Single)
  • Just Like a Pill (Single)
  • Missundaztood (Album)
  • Happy Feet Two



I also met Pink (briefly). I had gone to see Coco Avant Chanel because we had free tickets. It was late night, Circular Quay in Sydney in a small cinema.

It wasn't crowded, late so there weren't many people about afterwards. My cousin knew I was a huge fan so she urged me to go and say hi to her as she was standing outside the cinema near the water in the quay smoking with her friend.

Me: Excuse me..
Pink: NO.
Me: Sorry? (confused as to what happened)
Pink: NO.

At this point I was red in the face because she was quite loud and for fucks sake, just another fan really trying to say hi.

I told her I didn't want an autograph I just wanted to say hello because I was a big fan and she just glanced over and said "hi" as if I was the most immense problem in her world.

Before I walked off I said "just wanted to say hello, thats all" and she fucking laughed at me, like some mean girl.

Can't say I listen to her music much anymore. Completely turned me off.

"like I Have To Wait In Line With You People."

I lived in Venice beach and right across from my apartment is a great little coffee shop called Zeldas. this was like 8amish on a saturday morning. usually if I wanted to go out and go for a skate (skateboard) i'd have to get up really early to skate up and down the beach walk as to avoid the usual tourists that would flood the area on the weekends. before I did I usually went and got a coffee.

so i'm waiting in line and in comes Pink with her entourage and she looks like a total mess. obvious late night, coke still caked around her nostrils, the whole 9 yards. she cuts to the front of the line and demands a latte. I make the comment "wow, really" to which she turns and says to me "do you know who I am? like I have to wait in line with you people." she gets her coffee and leaves.

It Was Great.

Pink came into a tattoo shop I worked at a long time ago. One of my friends had her as his celebrity crush, so I called him and told him he should come to the shop without telling him Pink was there.

While he was on his way, I told Pink that she was his celebrity crush and that he had a nervous condition where he would pull out and eat his own hair, which wasn't true at all. She then proceeded to be extra nice to him as if he were developmentally disabled and he was really nervous and didn't say a word, only cementing the idea in her mind. It was great.