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Kevin Smith

D.O.B. 1970-08-02 | Director | Actor | Producer
Best known for:
  • Clerks
  • Dogma
  • Cop Out
  • Mallrats


Sexy Stud

I can confirm that Kevin Smith is an awesome guy.

There was a preview of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" at the movie theater where I worked at the time. My friend when to go see it and Kevin Smith was actually there also with the Sexy Stud from Clerks 2.

After the movie, Kevin Smith was just hanging out outside smoking a cigarette, no real security or anything, so my friend went up to him and as politely as he could just said, "Hello Mr. Smith, I'm a big fan of all your movies" which elicited a thank you. Then my friend turns to the other guy and says, "'re the Sexy Stud, aren't you?" and Kevin just laughs as the guy hangs his head and looks at his feet and Kevin goes, "Yeah, we call him that sometimes too."

Bought Pie

I bought Kevin Smith a beer at a airport lounge, we wound up shooting the shit, after a while he bought a piece of pie and we split it.

Talks To You Like You're A Normal Person.

Kevin Smith blew my mind when he came to my college for a night of Q&A. He actually showed up late because of horrible traffic, but made it up to us by staying until everyone got to ask what they wanted - not just the 2.5 hrs allotted for him.

Anywho, I got up on stage with him while he talked to my friend on the phone and he talked me up. Dude is just so down to earth and talks to you like you're a normal person.

This man has gotten fame right.

Got My Picture Taken With Kevin Smith And Walter Gretzky.

Kevin came to Toronto to help promote Walter Gretzky's (he's the father of Wayne Gretzky if that means anything to anyone outside Canada) hockey tournament that he has every year to raise money for charity and it's also the biggest hockey tournament in the world.
I think at the time it was early 2010, so they hadn't reached the world record yet and Kevin was doing publicity to raise awareness of the tournament by doing a press confrence at the Second City theatre.It was originally suppose to be just a press event, but you could email your name in to go if the event didn't fill up (which I did and got in).

So I go to the event and out he comes with Walter and they start fielding questions. A lot of the time the reporters were asking Kevin about his movies and his future with them and Kevin graciously answered them while trying to keep it on topic because he wasn't there to promote his movies. It was all pretty cool, and then at the end they said everyone could come on stage and get pictures with them.
I was really excited about this, as the whole reason I came to the event was to meet Kevin (and Walter) and had brought my camera for this purpose. I was with one of my friends, so we waited patiently in line while other people got their photos taken. I told my friend to go up before me since I had the camera around my neck, and right after I took the picture the manager for the event announced that they were running late and Kevin/Walter had to leave.
I was fucking heart broken, and things started moving in slow motion. I remember looking at the event manager, then at Kevin and Walter who were both looking directly at me (as I was next in line) and seeing that I was upset about this.
Then Kevin said something awesome. "Just one more picture, come on up" and I (and a few more people after me before the manager got pissed) got my picture taken with Kevin Smith and Walter Gretzky.