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Arnold Schwarzenegger

D.O.B. 1947-07-30 | Actor | Bodybuilder | Politician
Best known for:
  • The Terminator
  • 38th Governor of California
  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Twins
  • Total Recall


His Personal Shopper

I was working in a mall kiosk selling cellphones. One night, some lady came in and wanted a handsfree headset. She asked if it would work with an out of country phone (I was in Vancouver then). I said of course.

She came back later that night and said it didn't work. We had just set up the kiosk and I was unable to do refunds so I sent her (in the rain, mind you) to the main store down the street.

The next day, she comes storming up to the kiosk. My work buddy goes - holy shit, it's that woman...and she brought Arnie with her!

The lady starts screaming at me for making her go out in the rain when the other store was closed (oops), all the while Arnold Schwarzenegger is standing behind her, looking confused and talking German to his friend.
Turns out she was his personal shopper. Very surreal. This was in the 90s.

I've Arnold Briefly.

I was in the Fossil store at Easton, a mall in Columbus, when he came in with his family one night after the Arnold Classic this past year had just ended. His bodyguards didn't let anyone enter or leave the store until he was done shopping. He was tough to understand, but was very polite.

On a related note, it's strange seeing Arnold in person. He's extremely short, like up to the middle of my chest, but you then realize that he is the single broadest shouldered, most muscular person you've ever seen. His shoulders were roughly twice as wide as mine, and I am not a small man.

My Friend Met Him..

I had a friend that went to UCLA, and somehow a professor hooked up an end of the year treat meeting with Arnold, the class (it was very small) was going to get to meet him on a golf course for a minute.
So they're all sitting around by one of the tees on this golf course, when finally he rolls up with his friends in carts. My friend and his classmates were a little starstruck, they didn't know what to say.
As Arnold bent over to put his ball on the tee, he asked, "So, had any good blowjobs lately?" Most of them were a little shocked, but one piped up and said, "Yeah, I did." Arnold hit his ball down the fairway and without even looking away from his ball said, "How did it taste?"

This is actually just one of the raunchy stories I've heard about him. Why not, though. Not like he's a normal guy...

When I Was A Kid

I met Ahnold when i was a kid in '96. i told him that True Lies was the best movie ever and he gave me an autograph. Nice guy.