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Arnold Schwarzenegger

D.O.B. 1947-07-30 | Actor | Bodybuilder | Politician
Best known for:
  • The Terminator
  • 38th Governor of California
  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Twins
  • Total Recall

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My Friend Met Him..

I had a friend that went to UCLA, and somehow a professor hooked up an end of the year treat meeting with Arnold, the class (it was very small) was going to get to meet him on a golf course for a minute.
So they're all sitting around by one of the tees on this golf course, when finally he rolls up with his friends in carts. My friend and his classmates were a little starstruck, they didn't know what to say.
As Arnold bent over to put his ball on the tee, he asked, "So, had any good blowjobs lately?" Most of them were a little shocked, but one piped up and said, "Yeah, I did." Arnold hit his ball down the fairway and without even looking away from his ball said, "How did it taste?"

This is actually just one of the raunchy stories I've heard about him. Why not, though. Not like he's a normal guy...
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