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Amanda Palmer

D.O.B. 1976-04-30 | Singer | Songwriter | Musician | Pianist
Best known for:
  • The Dresden Dolls
  • Evelyn Evelyn


Nicest Woman Ever!

I met Amanda Palmer back in January 2012 when she did a reunion tour with the Dresden Dolls, and she did one of her ninja gigs in a park in my city, after the gig she stayed behind for a good 40 minutes to sign things and take photos.

My friends and I had planned to do a bit of promo for her around the city to get the chance to win a backstage meet and greet before the actual concert -whoever did the most promo would win. When I got up to her I told her that we planned on putting up posters and handing out flyers and she immediately grinned at me and gave me a huge hug, a kiss on the cheek and told us we were all definitely allowed to come backstage before the show. We got things signed and took photos and had a cigarette with her and Brian Viglione (former Dresden Dolls drummer) and she talked to us for ages!

The day of the concert all 4 of us were allowed to go to the soundcheck and come backstage where we hung out with Amanda and Brian and took more photos and they signed more things.

She is my idol and I am so grateful that I got to meet her and she was so nice!

I've Met Her Three Times,...

I've met her three times, twice at a ninja gig and once before a show. The first time, she was handing out kimono-type-thingies for people to wear in a photoshoot, and I reached for the last one. She said "Oh, I was going to wear that" but then she saw that I felt bad so she gave it to me anyway (I felt bad because I didn't know she meant to wear one!) After the photoshoot she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me.

At the second ninja gig, she signed and took pictures with everyone who wanted one, and I saw her paying such close attention while people were telling her things and really listening. I got a picture with her, but was too shy to really talk to her.

When I met her before the show, I just asked for a hug because she was in a hurry heading into the venue, and she gave me a nice long hug and then left her hand on the top of my head for a minute while she talked to someone else. It was cute!

I know Amanda has a personality that rubs some people the wrong way, but I've never seen her be unkind.


I was a huge fan of her music and meet her a couple of times and she seemed OK.

Then in Jan last year I met her at an event and she seemed like an arrogant self centred bitch. My interaction with her left a very bitter taste in my mouth and I haven't enjoyed her music since.

I had a couple of autographed things by her and I ended up giving them away to a friend as I just lost all respect for her after that meeting. Her husband Neil was absolutely delightful though, very down to earth.


I had a lunch and dinner with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer a year ago (my friend officiated their wedding), and while Neil Gaiman was super-nice, polite and extremely kind person with absolutely no celebrity feel and treated everyone the same, Amanda demanded constant attention, behaved like a spoiled celebrity brat, commanded people to change seats during the whole lunch (ignoring they were having conversation on their own) so that she could be the centre of attention, and picked arguments just to dramatically express her opinions.
Arrogant and full of herself. Ugh, nice to get it off my chest :)

She's Batshit Insane.

She's batshit insane. I've met her a few times around town, she the type of person that seems like she can be fun to be around every now and then, but not in large doses. She's very genuine and doesn't have much of a filter, so she can come off as a bitch.