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deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerman)

D.O.B. 1981-01-05 | Music Producer
Best known for:
  • Random Album Title (Album)
  • For Lack of a Better Name (Album)
  • 4x4=12 (Album)



I was a at a club in Toronto a couple months ago when he showed up.

About 20 people tried to approach to him but his personal bodyguard kept sending them away and like an hour later, the guy went to the bathroom leaving Joel alone for a couple mins.

My brother is a huge Deadmau5 fan so all I wanted was to take a picture of him or get his autograph in the best scenario.

All I could say to him was "Hi Joel, my brother is a huge fan of yours and I think your music is really cool too so I was wondering if you could...", he said "cool, I don't give a sh*t" and turned around right before his bodyguard returned.

Whoa, he's such a diva, I saw other 5 or 6 people trying to approach and he kept being a douche to all.

I mean, sure I know he wasn't there for a freaking autograph session or meet & greets but I hope he realizes that he's where he is because of his fans.

Used To Be My Idol...

He used to be my idol, then i saw him here in a local club in Toronto (This is London) when Chris Lake was playing there, i asked him for a photo, and he gave me the finger and told me to fuck off.

Fuck you, Joel.

This is after I went to 3 of his shows, constantly used to listed to his songs on repeat. "Random Album Title" is my favourite album of all time and his music really helped me through an emotional slump I was in.

Then ^ that happened and it really pissed me off. I dont think someone like him can understand what a simple action and how much weight it carries to another person. I really had a connection to him and his music then just to be flipped off really fucked me up after.