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Danny Pudi

D.O.B. 1979-03-10 | Actor
Best known for:
  • Abed Nadir in Community
  • Road Trip: Beer Pong
  • The Guilt Trip


Sweet Guy

I was at a Whole Foods and I look down an aisle and all of a sudden I see a VERY VERY tall skinny man and he turns around and looks at me and smiles and I realized its Abed from Community!

I told him I was a fan and he took a picture with me, and asked about my life and how my day had been and then he hugged me on the way out.

One Of The Nicest Guys

I was working on a web series that he starred in. He was so nice and funny. You would think after working a 22 hour shift for several days would make anyone groggy. Nope!

He remembered my name the whole set and laughed together during crew lunches. He is very humble and very approachable.

When we wrapped up I asked if I could get a photo with him and he was more than happy to. We ended out doing a whole duck face photoshoot with about a dozen photos of us making silly faces. He is very cool!!

You forget he is famous when you talk to him.

Made My Complete Night!

It was the first time I ever met a celebrity. I was a nervous wreck and didn't know how to approach him.
I finally got the guts to go up to him. Told him I was a fan and I loved his work. He shook my hand and hugged me.
Got my picture. Made my complete night :]. He was super nice.

I Met Danny Pudi At A Comedy Festival After-party.

It was half established comedians, half no-name college comedians (e.g. me) who were in the finals of a competition and somehow were given the same access as the real comedians. Some of the big names kept to themselves, but Danny spent a bunch of time talking to us and was just the nicest guy in the world. Marc Maron was great, too, and Pete Lee might have been even nicer than Danny Pudi.