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Charles Manson

D.O.B. 1934-12-12 | Murderer
Best known for:
  • Murderer


We Hauled Ass Out Of There

I actually met Charles Manson, was just telling that story to a friend today. This was circa 1968 when I was 11 years old. Yes, I'm ancient. Not that you asked but here's the story if anybody cares: Me and a buddy rode our bicycles up to Spahn Ranch which at one time was used as movie set, and had the whole Western town vibe.. saloon, sheriff's office, etc. so it was just a cool place to go to. There were some trailers and tents set up in a field next to the ranch and in a pile of junk, a broken guitar.

Being 11 and a novice guitar player, I went up to one of the trailers and knocked, with the intention of asking if I could have it. A rather small, long-haired, bearded guy with crazy eyes promptly told me to get lost, so we hauled ass out of there.

2 weeks later he was all over the news. Told my mom, hey, there's the guy that chased us out of Spahn Ranch! She pretty near stroked out. No big deal to my young ignorant self.

Growing up in the Valley, where a buttload of actors, musicians and industry people live, I've met several celebrities. And now I live in Nashville, and have met many more. Marion Ross (Mrs Cunningham on Happy Days) Henry Winkler (Fonz) Robert Blake (child actor, Baretta, acquitted murderer) Chet Atkins (CGP), Steven Seagal (jerk) BB King (super cool), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick - also very cool), I can't even think of all of them. That's just a few.