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Bam Margera

D.O.B. 1979-09-28 | Skateboarder | Actor | Stuntman | Director
Best known for:
  • Jackass
  • Viva La Bam
  • Bam's Unholy Union
  • CKY Video Series


I Met Bam In West...

I met Bam in West Chester, his home town. I was walking into a bar and I saw him, Raab, Dico, Rake, Ryan and Novak sitting at the bar. (Note: This was around the time Viva La Bam had just finished its final season.)

Not trying to look like a fan, I sat at the bar for a few minutes and would go over after I got a drink or two. After my drinks, I got the courage to walk over and ask for a picture.
I eventually got a picture with all of the guys, and Bam even bought me a drink. I had a conversation with him for a few minutes when him and his friends decided they had to leave. I asked for a hug from Bam and Ryan and I got one.

This was the first of 6 times I've met Bam. Every single time he's been nice and I've had an incredible time. Extremely nice and down to earth guy.

Got A Voicemail

I got a voice mail from my girlfriend 2 years ago, it was a super drunk Bam saying: "have fun at work dud, your girlfriend is hot!"

I was supposed to meet my gf at CKY show in SF where she went to school but I couldn't get work off. Before the show I guess her friend got CKY autographs tattooed on her and my gf told Bam I was a huge CKY/jackass fan and thats when they called.

Apparently he was a rad dude and wanted to drink and have a good time.

At My Restaurant

I waited on Bam Margera and his girlfriend at my restaurant in Philly last summer. He was indeed a nice guy.

Changed My Opinion Of Bam

I used to manage a Spencer's Gifts in an upscale mall in PA. Bam Margera and his crew came in on a very slow weekday. One of his guys asks at me to close the store so Bam can shop without being hassled (out of earshot of Bam). I politely informed the guy that we don't close the store for anyone. The guy gets loud and in my face threatening to call my bosses and get me fired...and this guy was really big and intimidating. About 20 seconds into his loud ranting I suddenly see a fist come out of nowhere and drop the guy. It was Bam. He very calmly told the guy, who was now streaming obscenities and trying to pick himself off the floor, to shut the fuck up and wait outside. He then profusely apologized and continued shopping while the rest of his crew laughed their asses off. He bought a few shock pens and a few t-shirts. My opinion of Bam changed that day dramatically from negative to positive.

Biggest Douche

I used to live in West Chester PA, his home town. It is very small and he acts like the biggest douche in person. Showing up to restaurants and pushing through the line to get seated immediately, showing up to bars with an entourage of 10 or so Swedish hair band members. Hes a fucking D list celebrity who lives in a tiny town to feel like hes big shit. Worst part is he bought the BEST local bar and shut it down so he could open his own (limited liquor licenses in towns in PA) and charges a huge cover charge to get in. Hed rather be a big fish in a small pond than move to Hollywood with the other eccentric assholes. Fuck That Guy! The End.

At A Local Bar

I met Bam Margera when he was at a local bar in my town because his brothers band was staying there , he was drunk but he was cool as shit still and funny but he was cool with taking a picture and giving me a hug.