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Bill Nye

D.O.B. 1955-11-27 | Television Host | Actor | Scientist | Comedian
Best known for:
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • The Eyes of Nye


He Came To My University...

He came to my University on two separate occasions (I hear he is coming again) and he was so fickle and rude, both times!

I told him he was my hero, and that I'd love his autograph and he just yelled "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REMIND PEOPLE, NO AUTOGRAPHS!"

He then started going off on how he asked for (a certain brand of water, I don't know, maybe Smart Water?) water 5 minutes ago and that they brought him the wrong one.
It sounds dumb, but he was serious about it.

It really put me off, and I no longer admire nor respect him.

He's a jerk.

Yeah, Everyone Has Flaws.

Maybe you had a moment with Bill Nye where he didn't want to sign a damn autograph, boo hoo, it isn't his job to sign autographs.

This year I went to Comic Con and was SUPER excited for the Cosmos Panel with Neil Degrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan.
Little did I know when I went up to use the bathroom before the panel Bill Nye would be walking to the panel. I told him I worked in neuroscience and love getting my newsletter on the Planetary Society, he then told me "You can change the world" or something like that.
I was pretty inspired, it all happened pretty fast.

Long story short, nobody is perfect, but just the fact Bill Nye does what he does should be enough, signing autographs isn't really important.

Bill Nye The Science Asshole

My dad worked at the Hilltop Alehouse in Seattle WA, which was frequently visited by Bill Nye. The waiters all called him "Bill Nye the Science Asshole" Apparently he would come in, get hammered, and try to bang chicks by pulling the "I'm famous, lets make love" card. I keep hearing nothing but similar stories about him :/

It. Was. Awesome.

I used to host a bar trivia game. During an average night, just like any other night, I had someone come up to me to argue about one of my answers.

This happened to be a science question and I happened to know that I had the answer correct but the customer wouldn't accept that he was wrong.

As it happened I was in Ithaca, NY at a college bar. You know who hangs out at college bars in Ithaca, NY? People who go (and went) to Cornell. You know who went to Cornell? Bill Fucking Nye. You know who was playing trivia in the back of the bar that night? Bill Fucking Nye.

I had an asshole arguing with me about a science question and I fucking whipped out Bill Fucking Nye to set him straight. Bill was super gracious. He took the mic and not only verified my answer as correct but he went on to explain the science. It was the highlight of my trivia-hosting career. Put yourself in my place... You're arguing with someone who refuses to give up even though you know you're right, and you bust out the most recognizable authority on the subject to back you up. It. Was. Awesome.

Said How Big A Fan I Was And How Interested I Was In Scientific Fields

I met Bill Nye the science guy when I was in 7th grade at Disneyworld. I came up him and said how big a fan I was and how interested I was in scientific fields.

He was nice enough to respond, thank me, and say he had to be going. I didn't having anything to sign an autograph with and this was long before camera phones were common.

He wasn't the nicest guy in the world but he was nice enough.

Flips His Shit About "no Autographs"

I had to share this one. When my twin brother was in third grade his class went on a field trip to see the Hubble telescope. Who should happen to be there, completely by chance and actually in the middle of serious research, but Bill Nye the freaking Science Guy.

Before any kid says anything about the minor celebrity, Mr. Nye flips his shit about "no autograph" and how he shouldn't have to deal with this bullshit while he's working. Let me repeat: no kid had approached him or asked for any autographs. The class had to leave early.