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Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller)

D.O.B. 1955-03-05 | Magician | Comedian
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Huge Fan Since I Was A Kid

Glad you beat me to this one. These guys were super nice, I've been a huge fan of theirs since I was a kid. My wife took me to see them while we were on our honeymoon, on Thanksgiving no less.

They're normally blacked out on Thursdays, but this was a special show, there was literally only like 100 people there, and they came out and talked with everyone, took pictures. Just some super nice guys.

Glad to know it wasn't only because it was a small Thanksgiving crowd.

Their Vegas Show

I went to their show in Vegas last year (on Thanksgiving Day no less) and I was amazed they did this. I had no idea they did and was pretty impressed by it. I didn't talk to them or anything because I was too shy but it's always nice to see people interact with their fans.

In retrospect I should have sucked it up and gotten my ticket signed and a picture. :/

Holy Shit You're Penn & Teller.

Penn & teller were at my work, I saw them walking the floor before their show. I could only mutter: "holy shit you're Penn & teller."

They said: "holy shit we are!" We laughed,and shook hands and went about our business.

Penn Jillette Is Super Cool!

He called my best friend-- a huge P&T fan who introduced me to Bullshit! way back when-- on my cell phone an told him thanks for being a fan. Then, he came out to have dinner at Steak 'n Shake with a bunch of the people who saw his talk (he was promoting his most recent book) and got in an argument with one of my friends about politics. Great times!

At The End Of Every Show They Do

At the end of every show they do (which is at least 5 per week) they literally run out of the doors ahead of everyone else so that they can personally shake everyone's hand and thank them for coming. They'll sign whatever you want for free, talk to you, and take pictures.

They've been doing this for over 20 years and always talk about how appreciative they are of their fans. I haven't met them on the street, and it is somewhat anecdotal, but I hear they are exactly as approachable outside their shows, too, and will make time to chat/sign things as well.