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Barack Obama

D.O.B. 1961-08-04 | President | Politician
Best known for:
  • 44th President of the United States


Barack Obama's Ass Cheek.

I was at an Obama rally back in August of 2007. We were at Florida A&M, in a smallish gym. We had shaken Obama's hand and talked to him a bit, and ended up following him back behind the barricade, talking to him. He ended up hugging us and all this stuff, but security was not too keen on it so they asked us to move.
Obama climbs up on the bleachers to take a picture with the band. Security ends up pushing me to move on the other side of the barricade (not hard, but it was crowded), and I fell forward.
I reached up to grab the first thing to stop my fall.
It was Barack Obama's ass cheek.
He laughed.


I met obama twice, at two different rally's. I asked to take a picture with him, and he told me his security team wouldn't let him stop moving, but he did shake my hand. The second time was nicer, I shook his hand, and told him it was an honor to meet him, he smiled at me, and he said the same back, he then signed his book. There were half a million people at the rally, so I felt honored to even meet him, yet alone to get something signed.

Down To Earth And Amiable

Another Obama Gym story here oddly enough. My uncle is fairly high up the chain at a certain Ski Manufacturer, and lives in New Hampshire. He ran into Obama in the Dartmouth gym during his campaign. They chatted for a while and my uncle promised him a pair of presidential skis if he was elected(entirely illegal). Never made the man skis, but a good story, he really is as down to earth and amiable as he looks publicly.