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Neil Gaiman

D.O.B. 1960-11-10 | Author
Best known for:
  • The Sandman
  • Stardust
  • Coraline
  • The Graveyard Book


A Great Story

My wife and I went to an event for author Neil Gaiman called "Gathering of the Gods" at the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. I was a poor graduate student, she a coffee barrista at Borders, and we didn't have enough money to do the whole shebang, so we only purchased tickets for one day.

We are both super excited because Mr. Gaiman is one of our favorite authors, so we pile up a ton of his books thinking "Cool, maybe we can get him to sign them!" We get there, have a great time, , my wife enters the costume contest and makes it to the final round, and everything is peachy. After some events, we start wandering the House on the Rock, and we see Mr. Gaiman. Then things go wrong.

My wife comes up to him with her books and asks him to sign them. He hesitates, and his assistant informs us that he cannot, because the book signing was the day before (remember, we didn't have enough money for the whole event), and if he signed ours he would have to sign for everyone. Mr. Gaiman was nice about it, but we were disappointed.

We go and eat and drink a bit, and my wife is very disappointed (as am I, but I think it hit her harder). We were pretty embarrassed also. So we are sitting and chatting, and all of sudden a man slides up to us and says, covertly, "If you still have your books, take them to that corner and wait a minute, and I'll sign them." My wife goes over there, Mr. Gaiman signs our books, chats with us, takes pictures, and is just the most genuinely nice person ever. All disappointment is erased and we have a wonderful, wonderful evening.

Lovely Fellow

I meet Neil Gaiman when I was at an Amanda Palmer signing. They were newly married so they went everywhere together and Neil was with her.

At the end of the interview we all lined up for Amanda to sign our program guide, and Neil was signing the guides too.

I didn't particularly want his autograph but I didn't want to be rude.
Amanda was really rude and arrogant, but Neil was absolutely delightful, so down to earth and kind. Seemed like a very geniune guy.

Almost made up for Amanda's behaviour.

Signed Books For 6 Hours

A friend and I went to his signing in Georgia a few years back, and watched him sign books for 6 hours before getting to us (we somehow ended up getting pushed to the second-to-last place in line).

He gave us a genuine smile, thanked us for coming out and for staying until 2am waiting. I had no idea people could have that much patience and cordiality.

One Of The Best Things Ever

His book reading/Q&A he had for The Graveyard Book in Minneapolis was one of the best things ever. For the Q&A everyone could write down any question and he answered a large pile of them at random. Which meant he seriously answered a bunch of really strange questions irrelevant to the topic at hand (including a bunch of food questions and one where he had to summarize a book for someone's college homework). He just seemed really genuinely grateful to his fans and an all around good guy.

Really Nice Guy

My dad did some work on Neil Gaiman's house in Wisconsin (or perhaps just did an inspection prior to the work?) and said Neil was a really nice guy. They hung out in his kitchen for a while talking about the UK, books, and other stuff.

Funny part is my dad didn't actually know who Neil Gaiman was at that time!

At The Edinburgh Book Festival

It was pouring, and some of us were waiting in the rain for about two hours to get his autograph. I asked him how he was and he told me how sorry he felt for everyone outside. I told him they were in Edinburgh; they could hardly be surprised if it rained.


I had a lunch and dinner with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer a year ago (my friend officiated their wedding), and while Neil Gaiman was super-nice, polite and extremely kind person with absolutely no celebrity feel and treated everyone the same, Amanda demanded constant attention, behaved like a spoiled celebrity brat, commanded people to change seats during the whole lunch (ignoring they were having conversation on their own) so that she could be the centre of attention, and picked arguments just to dramatically express her opinions.
Arrogant and full of h
erself. Ugh, nice to get it off my chest :)